Wednesday, January 12, 2011

African Violet - Purple

African Violets may well be the most popular and easiest houseplant, and the most beautiful as well. Their praise is well-deserved; mine have rewarded me several times with gorgeous blooms. But anyway, I picked this one up at a local swap meet, which I mentioned in my previous entry. It was a stringy, leggy little thing for quite awhile, and I have to admit that it was my least favorite.
This is what my baby African Violet looked like around the day I bought it:
I couldn't resist that cute little turtle; my mom's had it for years.
I also paint all my own ceramic pots. This is one of the first I did.

Though I might not have liked it too terribly much, it was very healthy and grew like a champ. It began to fill out and formed several different rosettes, instead of the usual one. Around September, I noticed it had begun to grow buds! After several days, I noticed that they were purple. It's still giving me gorgeous blooms after four months. I thought up until recently that it was finishing blooming, but I noticed a whole batch of new buds coming up! It still doesn't look the way a store-bought plant would, but it's full and lush. I wish I'd taken photos of it in all its splendor, but all I have are a couple photos taken recently. This plant currently isn't in one of my painted pots.
 It ended up blooming from each of its 3-4 rosettes. Here are some of the last blossoms:


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