Thursday, January 13, 2011

Flapjacks! (Kalanchoe luciae)

I loved this one from the minute I laid eyes on it! I was fairly new to succulents (didn't even know what a succulent was) and had never seen a plant like this before. They had a bigger plant for $9, but I chose this cheaper $4 version.

Throughout the summer, it was a great grower and not too picky about overwatering, like some succulents are (I once had a Split Rock plant which had done well until I overwatered it just a little...) Its name suits it, and mine was and is still healthy as a horse. They're native to a much warmer climate, and have bright red rims on the edges when in the strong light they crave. However, here in the good old Midwest, the sunlight isn't bright enough for it to develop that red color; instead, the plant is almost totally green. This summer, I plan to have it outside in the bright sun to give it what it deserves.

Then, in mid-summer, I couldn't resist going back to buy the much larger Flapjacks; that, too, has done surprisingly well in this colder climate, and has grown about 12-16 inches tall.

Around September or October, I saw a tiny baby offsets growing at the bases of the plants! The smaller plant only formed one offset (which is still attached to its mother), but the large plant produced about five. I decided to remove a baby from the mother and try to propagate it. I followed directions given, and the little flapjack looked okay for a few days before it began to rot (sigh...). This spring or summer, I'm going to have another go at it when the babies are larger, stronger, and have more roots of their own.

My first flapjacks plant in January 2011

My second plant in January 2011. At its base, you can see one of the offsets.

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