Thursday, January 13, 2011

The Collection

I figured now might be a good time to introduce the family. :) Probably should have done that first, but oh, well.

I've been tending my houseplants for less than a year, but my collection has grown by leaps and bounds. I now have roughly 30 plants scattered about the house and propagate them at every turn. I've established a library of plant encyclopedias, among other books, and have made gardening (indoor and outdoor) a new passion of mine.

Starting at the leftmost plant and going up and right: Lucky Bamboo, Baby Tears, Alocasia amazonica, Christmas Cactus, Umbrella Tree, African Violet, Poinsettia, Iresine, Areca Palm, Flapjacks, Finger Jade, Silver Dollar Jade, Peperomia, Hen & Chicks, Gasteraloe, Elephant Bush, Echeveria, Phalaenopsis, Baby Tears, Red-Headed Irishman, Aeonium, Christmas Cactus, Hen & Chicks. Center: Two Phalaenopsis orchids, Ameryllis bulb, Baby Tears, Flapjacks, African Violet.

I also paint all my own pots (except for a few). Artwork has been another passion of mine throughout my life, so I thought it was great I could combine those two aspects. Gradually, I've been branching out from painting simple flowers or patterns into more complex and realistic designs.

One more thing - I would greatly appreciate any words of wisdom! I hope I've done a fairly good job in educating myself, but I also know that many of you are far more experienced.

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